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Mobile clinic

Unfortunately, we have no rights anymore to go on with our mobile clinic, as the authorities do not give us the necessary work permits for our volunteers. During the past 6 years, we have assisted and given a lot of medical care to many persons, and we therefore would like to inform you about it.

For most of the population in Ganzi, medical institutions like hospitals and ambulatories are practically non existent. This is either because of their geographical location, or because they cannot afford treatment which has to be paid for immediately in cash. Sickness insurance is unknown to workers and farmers and for the majority of them, costs are unaffordable as prices for Chinese hospitals are twice, even three times more than what they can earn in a month!

These people suffer from infectious diseases, gastro-enteritis, heart and lung problems; acute arthritis which is mainly due to broken bones which have not been treated properly, and much more. There are also a growing number of young patients with tuberculoses.

The NIMA Project tried to help these sick people, as well as those who couldn't no longer work and were experiencing existential difficulties.

The local authorities of Ganzi shared an interest in our work and found it very positive. A team, with an occidental doctor, a nurse and a translator (Tibetan-English) were treating the patients within a small ambulatory in Ganzi, or were visiting them in their homes, some of which are widespread. Medicines were basic and if possible, treatments were combined with Tibetan medicine and that of local doctors.

The medical care for patients with tuberculoses was free of charge, other patients normally paied a minimal amount.

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