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Children’s projects

Since 2001, the NIMA social projects have organised sponsorships for deprived children and their families in Ganzi and the surrounding villages. Orphans, one parent families, abandoned and jobless mothers and the children of parents suffering from such diseases as tuberculosis, have benefited from these sponsorships. The family support we are able to provide enables the children to learn the basics of hygiene, health and nutrition as well as receiving elementary education which is our objective.
Without your help, these children would have been forced to work and not have received any education at all. Every year, sponsorship money is invested even-handed through the children’s home project to assist children and their families; this way the NIMA foundation ensures the correct distribution of funds.   kinder_schule.jpg
The NIMA-children’s boarding home

Our latest children’s project for especially disadvantaged children

At the moment, the NIMA children’s boarding home accommodates between nine and twelve children who are supported by sponsors from Switzerland. These children are either orphaned or from families in very difficult situations.
The home was the former residence of the parents of Lobsang Nima Soghatsang situated close to the old people’s home, it was transformed in 2002. In the autumn of 2004, the kitchen underwent further renovation and the veranda was rebuilt and converted into a dining and recreation room.

The children are cared for by a nun and a trainee teacher who accompanies them to the local school in Ganzi.

Children’s Sponsorship

Tibetan families are rarely able to send their children to school. Very often they are required to work in the fields or attend to the cattle; the older children are usually sent to work on the roads and endure difficult conditions. Lack of money and time are factors which deprive them of any other education.

The NIMA foundation is happy to announce that through your sponsorship, about 70 children and their families are being helped. The children attend school, are properly clothed and nourished.

Yearly checks are carried out by volunteers to ensure that the children are attending school and that their family needs are reviewed. You can help to to provide for these children and their families by sponsoring one of them.




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