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The Home for old people

One of the main objectives of the NIMA foundation is the setting up of the home for old Tibetans living around the city of Ganzi.

A great number of them are not only old, but sick and lonely. These Tibetans live in very poor conditions, having no relatives to care for them they are often left without funds or assistance. There is no provision for old age in Ganzi therefore old people’s homes do not exist; leaving many pensioners reduced to begging in the city streets for survival.

In 1991, the founder Lobsang Nima Soghatsang organised a monthly meeting with the elderly for collective prayers. He also helped with their greatest needs. The group is growing fast and still meets for religious activities and mutual assistance.

Living conditions for old people in the villages around Ganzi, who cannot get to the city, are even more difficult. The sporadic help which they receive from their neighbours and the monastery is not enough. These old people are sick and have to live in huts without heating, without food and without the necessary medical care. Help from Lobsang Nima Soghatsang enables them to have some dignity and a decent home to live in.

Old Man
After some years of efforts, in 1999, he eventually could buy a building site in the city of Ganzi. The summer afterwards the home for 20 old people was built under the supervision of Nima Soghatsang and with local workmen.

In June 2001, the first old persons could be accommodated. Lobsang Nima Soghatsang and his wife Tashi Dolma trained the staff, only Tibetans, on the site. (Home manager, Mother of the home, cook, and the nurses) During summer, the inauguration-party took place and shortly afterwards, the NIMA Home for old people was officially recognized by the local authorities.

To have more space, a supplementary house was built between 2006/2007. At the moment about 28 residents are living at the home for old people.


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