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As there is no social security in Tibet, the NIMA sponsorships are used to benefit all those, children and elderly alike, who are poor, sick, invalid and alone. Many have no one else to care for them. Without the NIMA projects and your help, most would be on the street.

Sponsorship for old people in needs

At the moment, the NIMA home for old people has about 28 residents who all share a similar life-story. When we met these people they were undergoing extremly difficult situations and because of your generosity, we have been able to give them a home and the possibility to live out their old age with some dignity. They are now living in good conditions and are ever thankful for the security and comfort we have provided.

The upkeep of this home has only been possible through your kindness and regular donations. Many of you have already taken responsibility for an individual child, or elderly person and are acting as benefactors. This individual sponsoring gives the opportunity to create a close bond with somone you care for.

Sponsorship for children

Since 2002, the NIMA social project has run a small children's home in Ganzi Eastern Tibet. Sponsorships provide for the children and their families who are regularly visited by volunteers, as we are aware of the importance of personal attention. This limits however, the number of children we can accept.


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